We rethink testing processes

Our services range from the joint development of a method to flexible and modular products and additional services. Reducing complexity in laboratory processes, creating clarity and transparency, gaining valuable time resources - it's possible. Our company makes consistent use of digitization and flexibility, thereby making processes more efficient and reducing routine activities.

nexiss FTS

Due to the modular set-up and the high degree of flexibility in the configuration, the basis of the test system for nexiss allows the greatest possible freedom to efficiently automate solution concepts for our customers in a secure enclosure.

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Test specimen world

Our range of test specimens is more than just a material sample for laboratory testing.

nexiss offers ASTM, FVV, flower erosion and building services test specimens. All test specimens are also available in a smart version, with digital twin.

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Method development

method includes for us a

    - mechanical and/or
    - electrical and/or
    - hydraulic

setup, which is used for the laboratory simulation or investigation of a problem.

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Surface analysis with Expertise

On and under the surface, there is information that is very valuable for a qualified test evaluation.

However, this advantage is only available to those who are prepared for it. We therefore measure our own test bodies as a matter of principle, but also offer this in response to a customer's order.

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