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Test specimens have an enormous influence on the results and significance of laboratory examinations and tests.

Therefore, we put a high effort and care into the procurement of materials and their processing as well as the analysis and documentation of our test specimens in order to achieve maximum quality and reproducibility.

Free yourself from time-consuming steps of specimen preparation and documentation by using smart specimens from nexiss. At the same time, you gain higher process reliability and free space for the actual test performance and evaluation.

classic - The Standard

Test specimen for direct use

Quality documented and traceable
Our test specimens are manufactured in strict accordance with the corresponding test standards. We deliver them reproducible in documented quality, with appropriate analysis and/or material certificate.

Short delivery times
We keep the most common test specimens in stock. Your order leaves our premises on the following working day and usually reaches you on the 2nd working day after your order.

ready to use - "ready to start testing in 5 minutes".
We deliver these test specimens with an ID marking, ground, cleaned and vacuum packed.
After consultation, we can also sign the test specimens with a customer-specific ID.

smart - The Digital Twin

Test specimen for increasing the quality of test results

Test specimen with digital twin
The data acquisition of the test specimen ID, material properties and its surface 3D profile create a digital twin. Digitization is useful both directly during test execution and for post-processing data access.

Reduce documentation effort
Manual data entry, for example of test number and weight, is no longer necessary. This data is directly available digitally. This is not only timely and efficient, but also avoids transmission errors in particular.

Direct data provision via web application
You can access the data of the smart test specimens directly via the nexiss web application. This is how we make your test specimens really smart!

Evaluation of surface changes
The 3D scan of the entire test surface offers a new dimension in test evaluation. It makes it possible to relate individual material properties to changed surfaces. The second 3D scan after the test has been performed also enables a comparative evaluation of the surface condition based on surface topography, roughness values, removal volumes and maximum height and depth values. This creates certainty and objectivity when evaluating the results in your laboratory.

ASTM D1384 - Standardized test specimens

Test specimens available as simple coupon or additionally scanned and weighed ("ready to use")

ASTM D1384
Copper C11000 / SAE CA110

ASTM D1384
Solder Grade 30A / SAE 3A

ASTM D1384
Brass C26000 / SAE CA260

ASTM D1384
Steel G10200 / SAE 1020

ASTM D1384
Cast Iron UNS F10007 / SAE G3500

ASTM D1384
Aluminum UNS A23190 / SAE 329

Further materials:

Deoxidized copper CW024A
Brass CW508L
Lead solder PbSn15Sb
Lead solder Pb60Sn40
Lead-free solder Sn97Cu3
Carbon steel St34-2
Unalloyed steel DC04
Cast iron EN-GJL-250
Cast iron EN-GJV-450
Aluminum AC-AlSi10Mg(Cu)
Aluminum AC-AlSi6Cu4
Aluminum AW-AlCuMg2
Aluminum AW-AlMn1Cu
Aluminum AW-AlMn1
Aluminum AC-AlSi12(a)

Example of an assembly kit according to ASTM D1384

Test specimens for power electronics or e-mobility

Further test specimens for evaluating the corrosion protection effect of fluid additives for use in cooling power electronics or electrical components

Corrosion coupons for heating and cooling circuit systems

A wide variety of materials and dimensions are available for both laboratory testing and field applications

Stainless Steel 1.4521

Red Brass CuSn4Zn2PS

Cast Iron EN-GJL-250

Further materials:

Deoxidized copper CW024A
Oxygenated copper CW004A
Brass CW505L / CuZn30
Brass CW508L / CuZn37
Lead solder PbSn15Sb
Lead solder Pb60Sn40
Lead-free solder Sn97Cu3
Carbon steel St34-2
Unalloyed steel St14-05
Aluminum AW-AlCuMg2
Aluminum AW-AlMn1Cu
Aluminum AW-AlMn1


ASTM D4340 - Standardized test specimens

Round samples for corrosion testing on heated surfaces

ASTM D4340 Aluminum
UNS A03190 / B319

ASTM D4340 Cast Iron
F10007 / G3500

ASTM D4340 Cast Iron

ASTM D4340 Stainless Steel 1.4571

FVV Test Directive R530/2005 - Standardized round test specimens

Circular specimens for dynamic corrosion testing on heated and unheated surfaces under the influence of fluid flow

FVV R530 Aluminum AC-AlSi6Cu4
as hot sample (heated) and counter sample (unheated)

FVV R530 Cast Iron EN-GJL-250
as hot sample (heated) and counter sample (unheated)

Further design versions:

Circular test specimens with channel geometries as heated and unheated options according to:

- FVV H1276 (1323) - Flow Erosion
- Volkswagen

Further materials:

Cast Iron EN-GJV-450

Aluminum AC-AlSi10Mg(Cu)
Aluminum UNS A03190 / B319

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